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Mirage oppdateringer

Mirage har blitt det mest populære Adobe PostScript L3 RIP programmet for Mac & PC og som skal skrive ut på Epson eller Canon skrivere fra Photoshop, Lightroom, InDesign, Illustrator. Mirage støtter i tillegg Drag&Drop printing av Tiff, JPEG, PNG, PDF og Ai (Adobe Illustrator) filer. Nedenfor følger en liste på hva som er gjort på de ulike oppdateringene.

Mirage Versions 

With this document, you will find a list of changes and fixes that have been applied to the software after the release of Mirage 1.0. If you have any questions about any of the steps, please contact our support at
Please note that all added printers are not automatically included in your license. To find out which printers are supported with your license, please contact our support. 

All information can be accessed in English only. 

ADDED Support for Canon GP-200, GP-300, GP-2000, GP-4000 including Fluorescent Pink printing* ADDED Support for Epson SC-P8500D, SC-T7700D
ADDED Support for Epson SC-F500 (Windows only)
ADDED Apple Silicon (M1) native plugins for Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator ADDED New advanced media setting "Minimize Top Margin" for Epson SC-P9500/7500 

ADDED Support for Canon TX-2100, TX-3100, TX-4100
FIXED Mirage Illustrator Plugin stopped working on Mac with Illustrator CC 2021 25.2 CHANGED Photoshop Filter default search paths on Mac now include "/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Plug-Ins"
CHANGED SC-P600 min paper length is now 8.9 cm, like the driver
CHANGED SC-T5400/3400 now has 8.9 cm minimum roll width, like the driver 

FIXED Starting with Adobe Illustrator CC 2021, "Mirage Print All" stopped working
FIXED Possible crash in Profile Creation Wizard in combination with SC-P900/700
FIXED Epson SC-P900/700 HTM in some cases produced invalid printer commands, causing a printer system error
ADDED Epson SC-P900/700 now has an additional advanced media setting "Platen Gap"
ADDED Epson SC-P900/700 has a new paper source for glossy media that disables the eject roller 

FIXED UI glitches on macOS 11
FIXED It was possible to manually create a printer with empty TCP/IP address
FIXED Mirage crashed when the user logged off or shut down Windows, while the print dialog was still open
FIXED Canon PRO-1/10/100/10S/100S on Mac allowed illegal paper sizes for fine art papers, causing "Supportcode 88" error in print queue 

FIXED Photoshop CC 2021 on macOS 11 did not show Mirage plugins
FIXED SC-P900/700 incorrectly showed 2880 dpi when 5760 dpi was used
FIXED SC-P900/700 printed images horizontally distorted
FIXED Custom media types didn't work correctly for printer-driver based Mirage printers 

ADDED Support for Adobe CC 2021
ADDED Support for Canon PRO-300
FIXED PDFs in profile creation mode caused an exception 

ADDED Support for SC-T2100
CHANGED PDF documents are now allowed to be printed in profile creation mode
CHANGED Epson SC-P9500/7500 now supports media installed by the Epson Media Installer FIXED 

FIXED Use of wrong ID for "Cut Sheet" paper source on Epson SC-T5400/3400
FIXED Removed invalid cut options for Epson SC-T5100/3100
CHANGED Disabled paper size check in Epson SC-T5100/3100, SC-T5400/3400, to avoid false warnings at the printer panel
FIXED Canon TM and TX printers didn't match printer driver color output when using them without a real ICC profile 

ADDED Support for Mirage Easy Print (Bundle version only) 

ADDED Epson SC-T5100/3100 printers
ADDED Epson SC-T5400/3400 printers now offer borderless printing ADDED Epson Europe media for SC-T5400/3400 printers
ADDED Epson SC-Txxxx printers now offer monochrome "Black" print mode FIXED SC-T5400/3400 printers didn't use information about loaded paper FIXED Crash when using Logo overlays in profile creation mode
FIXED Canon PRO-1000 showed 5x7inch standard paper size twice 

FIXED Epson Europe media type "Premium Canvas Satin" was based on a wrong base media type (using Matte instead of Photo Black) for the printers SC-P5000, SC-P8000/6000, SC-P9000/7000, SC- P20000/10000
FIXED sometimes measurement of already printed charts failed, because the chart layout was calculated wrong during measurement
CHANGED Canon PRO-1000 "Rear Tray" was renamed to "Top", reflecting a change in the Canon driver 

FIXED Memory leak on Windows, when using the OpenGL preview. This was most likely the cause for most "black preview" issues.
FIXED Using Photoshop Filters after setting a different color profile, didn't always work
FIXED ICC profiles with broken Unicode names in their metadata could cause Mirage to hang at the launch phase
FIXED Page/Print preview showed different colors than the Pixel-Exact preview, if profiles involved had very different results for Perceptual and Relative Colorimetric rendering intent
FIXED Crashes and print issues when printing to SC-P20000/10000 in 16-bit mode, with "Add Top Margin" enabled, due to a bug in the Epson HTM
FIXED Duplicating custom media types for SC-S*0600 SureColor printers did not always retain the original paper's ink density
CHANGED Mirage now renders PDFs with the equivalent of the Acrobat preference "Enhance thin lines" enabled - this reduces artefacts in pre-flattened PDFs 

ADDED Support for Adobe CC 2019
ADDED Support for Mac OS Mojave (10.14)
FIXED Images with "Input" class ICC profiles could cause crashes FIXED Parameter Finder didn't work properly in all cases 

ADDED Support for Canon TM-200/205/300/305 printers
ADDED Support for Epson SC-T5400/3400 printers
ADDED Epson Fine Art Cotton media types for Epson SC-P printers 

CHANGED Pixel-exact preview now always does color matching from printer to screen in 16-bit color depth to avoid posterization effects
FIXED Rare crashes during loading of certain saved workflow settings
FIXED Pixel-exact preview could crash when image loading took too long 

FIXED Fullsceen-mode on Mac caused the window frame to be unreachable for resizing after restarting Mirage
FIXED Some Epson borderless print modes caused the print area to be misaligned with the paper FIXED When a proof license was installed, but "Mirage Proof" isn't installed, the UI didn't correctly hide the proof-specific parts 

FIXED Profile creation wizard didn't disable print qualities that are incompatible with the selected paper source
FIXED Profile creation wizard wrongly showed an error in measure-only mode, if the paper source was not allowed for printing 

ADDED Epson SC-F6200 printer (Windows only)
ADDED Epson SC-F9300 printer
ADDED Epson SC-P20000/10000 has a new advanced media setting to improve paper edge quality at the cost of printing speed
FIXED Photoshop Filters could not be run on RGB image files that contained only Grayscale pixels FIXED Wrongly allowed Cassette paper source to be used with Velvet Fine Art Paper, Water Color Radiant White, and UltraSmooth Fine Art Paper on Epson SC-P5000
CHANGED General performance optimizations 

FIXED Most sheet paper sources on Canon iPF printers were not shown
FIXED Gray print mode preview was wrongly shown in color
FIXED More Photoshop filters are now recognized and supported
FIXED Unresponsive delay time after adding or editing custom media types has been reduced CHANGED Mirage Proof is now unselected in the installer by default - you have to select it explicitly if you need Proof
CHANGED Removed those borderless widths from SC-P600 which are not supported by the printer driver
CHANGED SC-P600 and SC-P800 now use unidirectional printing for Epson Enhanced Matte Poster Board to avoid ghosting in prints
ADDED Epson USA media package for SC-P20000/10000 

ADDED Epson Digigraphie settings panel, and support for uploading results to new Epson Digigraphie server
CHANGED Enabled high-resolution UI on macOS for Retina displays (UI artwork is still low-res) CHANGED When switching between Page and Print Preview tabs, the shown page is retained as good as possible
FIXED A race condition could cause printing of PDF files to hang
FIXED Empty borders around an image were filled with a slightly imperfect white color
FIXED Some advanced settings for custom media types were not correctly loaded (Unidirectional for example)
FIXED Canon PRO printers would sometimes not print the very last pixels (row and column)
FIXED License file needed by bcProfiler could be empty by the time it was needed, causing profile creation to fail
FIXED Using two printers of the same family (like iPF6400 and iPF6450) at the same time, could make it impossible to edit their custom media types.
FIXED Redraw issues in the Pixel-Exact Preview on Windows 

FIXED Preview Loupe didn't always show a magnification of the correct page
FIXED OpenGL preview showed distortions in colored border area with cropped images
FIXED Non-OpenGL preview didn't show the effect of image operations on mirrored borders
FIXED Cut sheet media height was not always correctly restored from preferences.
FIXED Clicking an ICC profile link in the custom media tab of the settings dialog crashed on Mac FIXED Clicking links to base media types in the custom media tab of the settings dialog did not work for Epson printers
FIXED On Mac, quitting Mirage from the Dock menu caused a crash
FIXED On Mac, pressing Cmd-C inadvertently cancelled an open dialog
FIXED Loading maximum width rolls into a printer could cause the warning icon to be shown inadvertently
FIXED Missing human-readable warning message for full maintenance cartridges in Canon PRO printers
FIXED Other potential stability issues 

FIXED Photoshop filters were always disabled and could not be selected
FIXED CSV loading issues caused problems with paper groups and showing the proof media wedge FIXED manually quitting Queue Monitor caused it to hang
FIXED on Windows a link file pointing to a deleted Photoshop filter caused Mirage to show a Windows error dialog during launch
FIXED lingering too long in the media choice popup menu could trigger an assertion dialog
FIXED in rare cases the printed chart layout did not match the user choice, due to an involuntary change of media size.
FIXED custom media names can no longer be made of only white-space characters, which caused issues further down the road.
FIXED on Mac printing to Epson Stylus Pro 3800, 9880, 7880 or Stylus Photo R2880 could frequently cause an immediate print abort
FIXED certain Canon iPF models would print only the first page of a job, if it took very very long to print
FIXED Epson SC-P20000/10000 listed 10.3 cm as available borderless width, when it should have been 103.0 cm
CHANGED Printers with dynamic data now query the printer at most once every 24 hours, not on every launch. An update can be forced using the "Update..." menu item in the print dialog's media choice.
CHANGED common paper sizes A3+/A3++ were not ordered by ascending size
CHANGED Canon printers offer further standard roll widths which started appearing with the TX series 

FIXED Problems on Windows, with Grayscale and Lab images
FIXED Crashes of some Mirage background processes on Windows
FIXED Extremely rare issues with the InDesign CC 2018 plugin, causing no documents to open in Mirage
FIXED Leaks in Mirage plugins, which could cause performance issues or hangups of the host application
FIXED Problems with ICC files containing certain special characters
FIXED Photoshop Filters were disabled for images received from the Lightroom plugin
FIXED Canon PRO-1000 wouldn't print on US Letter/Legal sized sheets 

ADDED Support for Canon TX-2000/3000/4000 printers. 

FIXED Mirage PRO charts could be printed half size. Affected were only some media types, predominantly on Epson Stylus Pro printers.
FIXED Canon PRO printer ink status was not shown anymore, due to a minor syntax issue in the query command.
FIXED Mirage Illustrator plugin crashed when it was used with color managed CMYK documents. FIXED Media menu was empty after creating a new printer, and launching directly into the Proof dialog instead of the Print dialog.
FIXED Minor UI translation errors 

FIXED Lightroom Plugin was missing necessary files and could not be used
FIXED Spooling of 16-bit images from Photoshop at certain sizes, could cause wrong tile alignment in the printout
FIXED Printers announcing IPv4 and IPv6 addresses, are now preferrably connected to using IPv4, to avoid IPv6 issues
FIXED Online-Help was not fully navigable on Windows
FIXED PDF icon in Online-Help didn't trigger opening of the user guide PDF on Windows 

Für weitere Informationen zu Mirage 4.0, laden Sie bitte unsere Broschüre herunter: 

FIXED bleed print marks were not scaled with the image, and disappeared completely at high scale factors 

CHANGED improved reliability of media data communication with Canon PRO printers, esp. when a single printer is used by many clients at the same time. 

ADDED Epson USA media package for SC-P5000
FIXED rare crash on Mac, when unusual input devices were connected
FIXED measuring a chart on an SC-P5000, that was printed on a different printer, got stuck in measurement and eventually failed
FIXED Canon iPF5100, iPF6300/6350, iPF6300S printers wrongly used 3mm instead of 23mm bottom margin for sheet fine art papers 

FIXED JPEG files with 90 and 270 degree rotation values in their EXIF data caused distorted previews, and spool errors, if there were also warning-worthy issues present in the files.
FIXED rare layout issues with placement mode "One Copy per Sheet/Row", which caused images to vanish in preview
FIXED Proofing with the SpectroProofer on the SC-P5000 failed
ADDED Epson Backlit media to SC-P20000/10000 standard media package
ADDED "Legacy" media types to Epson USA media package for SC-P800 

FIXED mirage paper feed correction on Canon PRO printers didn't work properly FIXED several fixes in acquiring media type updates from Canon PRO printers
FIXED some media types in the Canon iPF x4x0 models wouldn't print at all
FIXED issues on Mac when trying to print to European SL-D700 papers
FIXED use of SpectroProofer ILS20EPUV caused the printer to reset with an error code FIXED SC-P5000 didn't have a proper printer icon 

FIXED SC-P5000 used wrong cut sheet bottom margin
FIXED since macOS 10.12.4 droplets didn't work anymore due to a change in OS behaviour
FIXED grayscale image files were wrongly accepted in profile creation mode
FIXED in certain situations in proof mode, too much white space was enforced left and right from the media wedge
FIXED queue monitor needlessly warned about a media change when launched in pause mode 

CHANGED updated SL-D700 European ICC profiles to match new printer driver
CHANGED Epson corrected the cut sheet bottom margin for the SC-P20000/10000 to 14mm CHANGED the manual measurement Fogra media wedge now uses a larger gap between the actual wedge and the logo. this should make measuring easier.
CHANGED in proof mode, grid layout is no longer available. It only leads to illegally overlapping layouts due to the extreme size of the media wedge.
CHANGED renamed Epson USA and some Epson Europe mediatypes for the SC-P9000/7000 explicitly with "LLK" or "Violet" inkset, if they are available for both 

ADDED Support for Epson SC-P5000
ADDED Support for Gray print mode on Canon PRO printers
FIXED Epson SC-P20000/10000 gray print mode didn't work on Mac due to installer issues
FIXED Epson SC-P800 used wrong minimum media height for paper source "Roll as Sheet", which could cause Mirage to hang
FIXED Some unsupported borderless paper sizes were wrongly allowed with the Canon PRO-1000 FIXED Canon PRO-4000/4000S/6000S didn't show "44 inch" as available borderless width
FIXED In rare cases print jobs for Canon PRO printers specified illegal paper sizes and were rejected by the printer, or caused the printer to print only a small rectangle
FIXED TCP addresses specified with leading zeros were interpreted wrongly. This seemed to happen only with some Zeroconf SC-P20000/10000 printers 

ADDED Support for Adobe InDesign CC 2017 

CHANGED old crash dumps are now removed automatically to avoid extremely large log archives FIXED help window didn't show a close button on macOS Sierra anymore
FIXED potential crash when printing to Canon IVEC printers, especially on 32-bit systems 

ADDED Support for Adobe Photoshop CC 2017, and Adobe Illustrator CC 2017
CHANGED SC-P20000/10000 now supports Gray print mode if the printer is connected by TCP/IP FIXED Image files without any resolution information did not fall back to 72dpi
FIXED Issues with automation workflows not always restoring the media size
FIXED Canon PRO-printers on Mac, connected by USB, didn't receive custom media stored in the printer
FIXED Mirage PRO feature was unavailable on some types of dongles
FIXED Charts for manual measurement on the Epson SP4900 are now shorter to ensure
reliable measurement 

FIXED Connections to Canon iPF printers on OS X 10.11 and macOS 10.12 could be unreliable 

CHANGED SC-S80600 now supports newly introduced print modes 

FIXED for some lower quality Epson papers using the "Epson Standard.icc" profile, colors differed between Mirage and the driver. Using those papers with custom ICC profiles always produced correct colors.
FIXED when adding new media to a Canon PRO printer with the MCT, Mirage would sometimes forget to keep older custom media stored in the printer. Only the latest addition of media was then available in Mirage. 

FIXED in some cases, there were problems with correctly setting the media height from an automation workflow 

FIXED printing too many images with long filenames, caused invalid print jobs on Canon PRO printers, 

which were discarded by the printer
FIXED proofing two pages in a row using the SpectroProofer could fail
FIXED on Windows, some corrupt embedded ICC profiles were not recognized until time of print, and caused a print error
FIXED deleting the last automation workflow wrongly triggered reloading all workflows present on disk, and made it impossible to delete all workflows
FIXED Custom media types installed in Canon PRO printers without a non-generic ICC profile were not available in Mirage
FIXED on Mac USB-connected Canon iPF printers where not shown in the printer browser
CHANGED updated maximum media length for Canon PRO-1000 to 64.75 cm in accordance with latest firmware
CHANGED Epson SL-D700 EX driver is now also recognized by the printer browser 

ADDED support for Adobe Photoshop CC 2015.5, and Adobe Illustrator CC 2015.3
FIXED Some 1200x1200dpi print modes of the Epson SC-P20000 (not SC-P10000) caused an error to be shown on the printer display 

FIXED Image files with resolution defined as dots/cm instead of dots/inch opene with wrong original size.
FIXED Some borderless configurations with the Epson SC-P800 caused an error in the printer display. FIXED Crop dialog displayed centimeter values after opening, even if inch was configured as general measurement unit.
CHANGED In the Proof print dialog, the measurement mode was not automatically set to "Automatic", even though it was available.
CHANGED Epson Stylus Pro 4900 no longer restricts the use of A2+ sized media because of its length ADDED Printer icons for SC-Px000 printers. 

FIXED some random crashes on OS X 10.11
FIXED Profile Creation Wizard allowed selection of sheet media with Canon Spectrophotometer printers, which is not supported
FIXED certain media widths on the SL-D700 could not be selected with inch units, but with centimeter units.
FIXED Some Epson Europe and Epson USA media for the Epson SC-P9000/7000 and SC-P8000/6000 printers failed to print
CHANGED enahanced reliability of TCP connections on certain misbehaving Windows systems 

FIXED "Mirage Job Archive" and "Mirage Measurement" apps crashed during launch on some versions of OS X 10.11 

ADDED Support for the Epson SC-P9000/7000 and SC-P8000/6000 printer models
ADDED Epson Europe specific media for SC-P600 and SC-P800
FIXED Cut sheet media size wasn't always correctly restored when opening the Mirage print dialog FIXED A rare spooling abort, which happend in very special circumstances depending on image dimensions
FIXED Some Windows systems showed strange spooling errors when other Windows services accessed the spool directory
FIXED Digigraphie wedge for manual measurement was printed in wrong size
FIXED SC-P600 Photo Quality InkJet paper didn't have a profile assigned 

FIXED Mirage could crash if image files contained invalid ICC profiles. Such profiles are now discarded.
FIXED 3.2.0 introduced an error which prevented some borderless modes to be selected for the Epson SC-P600 and SC-P800
FIXED Epson SC-P600 used wrong bottom margin for cut sheet source.
FIXED Abbreviations for some Canon inks were inaccurate.
ADDED Epson SL-D700 now offers an additional source "Roll - Cut After Each Row", which offers dynamic cut length. 

ADDED support for Epson SC-P800 printers
ADDED support for Adobe CC 2015
FIXED adjusted Epson SC-P600 borderless margins to more closely match the driver
FIXED when scaling down large images to photo size on the SL-D700, horizontal white stripes could occur
FIXED different problems with non-ASCII characters in file paths
FIXED on Mac, if a hang of Mirage was recorded twice, and Mirage then was quit, the quit never proceeded, and a force quit was required
FIXED on Windows, large temporary files were not always cleaned up
FIXED TIFF alpha channels with "unassociated" and "unspecified" semantics were treated as "associated" alpha channels for the preview
FIXED TIFF alpha channels were not always correctly applied during print and could cause black areas instead of non-ink ones 

FIXED Mirage InDesign CS5 plugin for Windows didn't show up in InDesign
FIXED Mac installer didn't correctly install Proof components when upgrading a Mirage v2 installation to v3
FIXED On Mac OS X 10.10, the next/previous page buttons were sized too small, and didn't show any text
FIXED Reduced flickering on Windows when using the Mirage Photoshop plugin
FIXED Rendering problems when applying override color spaces to PDFs without OutputIntent
FIXED Epson SC-P600 didn't use correct borderless margins, causing paper not to be covered completely in ink
FIXED No ICC profile was available for "Canvas Matte" on Canon iPF8400 printers, due to an incorrectly specified filename
CHANGED Image files with "Orientation" meta data, have that data correctly applied to image size and rotation
CHANGED Windows installer now installs the shortcuts in the Programs menu, and on the Desktop for all user accounts 

CHANGED Single quality setting for Epson SL-D700 "SureLab Pro Paper Art Matte" is now called "Hiqh Quality" to match the printer driver
CHANGED Media size 8x6 inches is now available on the SL-D700
CHANGED SC-T7000/5000/3000 and SC-T7200/5200/3200 printers now offer "Very High Quality" print modes at 2880x1440 dpi, where applicable 

CHANGED Updated Czech translation 

ADDED Support for Photoshop Elements 13
ADDED New plug-in Support for Lightroom (requires an additional license that is sold seperately) ADDED Support for Epson Measurement Device ILS30EP
ADDED Support for Epson SC-P600 (depending on license)
ADDED Support for Epson SL-D700 (depending on license)
ADDED Type of installed measurement device can now be set for each printer individually
ADDED New option "Fill Page" scales an image to cover the entire printable area
ADDED The Document list now has a "Copies" field which allows to quickly set the same number of copies for all images
ADDED "Rendering Intent" can be put in the job label
CHANGED Complex PDF files spool eight times faster than before
CHANGED Incremental rendering of PDF preview
CHANGED Canon printers now support cutting after the last page of a job
CHANGED Stored Settings dialog now behaves more consistently: all adds, deletes, and changes are committed when "OK" is pressed, or rejected when "Cancel" is pressed
CHANGED Epson SC-S30600/50600/70600 use faster new HTM 2, offering new print modes
FIXED Mirage couldn't be quit while the print dialog was open
FIXED Droplets on Windows could become corrupt when large Logo images were selected
FIXED Corrected minimum media size for some printer models
FIXED Other smaller fixes and performance improvements 

3.0 1
ADDED Support for Adobe Illustrator CC 2014
ADDED Support for Adobe InDesign CC 2014
FIXED Installed ICC-Profiles with percent-sign (%) in the filename caused Mirage to crash on launch. FIXED Imported custom media types could not be edited, and appeared as original Mirage media types.
FIXED Previews of grayscale mode images printed from the Photoshop Plugin showed obvious stripes.
FIXED In some versions of InDesign, document previews were incomplete, or showed drop shadows wrongly.
FIXED Out-of-memory issues when printing large InDesign documents.
FIXED On Windows Spindumps were written even when the app was not hanging. After updating you can safely delete the contents of "C:/Users/{username}/AppData/Roaming/dinax/Mirage/CrashDumps/SpinDumps", if it has grown very large.
FIXED Tiling layout shown in the Page Preview was way too dark.
FIXED Mac droplets with a single quote (') in their filename didn't run. This is fixed for newly created droplets only.
CHANGED Canon sheet paper source always used the nominal 23mm bottom margin, although some media types can work with 3mm.
CHANGED Print dialog no longer asked for confirmation when cancelling a print job 

3. 0 Major Release 

FIXED TIFF files with fractional resolutions were initially scaled to the wrong size, because resolution and original image size were read incorrectly.
FIXED Mirrored border crop print marks weren't printed at the correct location when paper feed correction was applied. 

FIXED CMYK JPEG images were loaded with inverse pixel values on all channels
FIXED Version 2.0.9 wrongly limited paper sources for plain paper media types on Stylus Pro 3800/3880 printers
FIXED Measuring of charts on sheet media with Stylus Pro 9890/7890 works more reliably now. FIXED Job label print mark was sometimes partly covered by the Fogra media wedge.
FIXED Finest Details option severely distorted images in some 720x360 dpi print modes. 

ADDED Epson USA media packages are part of the installer
ADDED Installer support for Adobe Photoshop CC
CHANGED Updated SC-S50600 HTM for using better microweaving
CHANGED With active tiling, very small tiles (smaller than 5mm) are now disabled by default
FIXED 4900 now uses a larger bottom print margin for sheets in automatic proof mode.
FIXED Plain paper media types on 3800 and 3880 allowed borderless modes, although it is not supported.
FIXED WT7900 was not specified as SpectroProofer printer, although it can have one.
FIXED Media packages exported with the 2.0.0 to 2.0.8 Mirage, were no longer compatible to 1.6.x versions. Re-export problematic packages with the 2.0.9 to fix this.
FIXED Several fixes for compatibility with two-byte language Windows installations.
FIXED Colored borders and print marks got metallic silver painted under them, now it's only white ink.
FIXED White colored (not empty) borders did not get white ink painted, now they do.
FIXED Measurement label had wrong colors on CMYK printers.
FIXED On 64-bit Windows, memory allocation could fail, if the page file wasn't already the required size. Now the OS gets a chance to grow it.
FIXED In rare circumstances with susceptible images, horizontal scaling artifacts could show.
FIXED Some reverse media types which used mirroring, didn't produce any output.
FIXED Sometimes only the first document in Proof mode was set to "Measure", others were set to be printed as simulation only.
FIXED Use of white and metallic silver ink with PDF documents at the same time was not handled correctly.
FIXED Preview of "No White Ink" didn't always actually show the white removed from the image. FIXED In the rare situation of printing two copies of the same document, with differing special ink configuration, they were printed identically.
FIXED Layout issues with the automation workflow dialog.
FIXED Rare issues with settings panel drag'n'drop in the automation workflow dialog, when it didn't fit entirely on the screen. 

ADDED Epson SC-Sx0610/x0650/x0670/x0680 printer models (international variants) have been added to the supported list of printers
ADDED Epson production media types and profiles for SC-T7000/5000/3000 

ADDED "10 inch" entry to standard roll sizes
CHANGED Corner crop marks used with mirrored borders are now shorter, and slightly inset into the mirrored border area
CHANGED after changing the crop region for an image, the image size setting is reset to 100% CHANGED printer status popup now indicates if Matte or Photo black ink is selected in the printer FIXED in certain configurations the print preview colors deviated slightly from what they should have been
FIXED the base media type was not correctly printed in the label of profile creation charts
FIXED SC-Sx0600 printers now use the correct values for vacuum intensity 

CHANGED Stylus Pro 4900 has smaller bottom margin in borderless print modes now, this is in accordance with driver behavior
CHANGED Epson SC-Sx0600 printers now support using RGB and CMYK based profiles in the same installation
FIXED Random error lines in some prints of scaled down images
FIXED Measuring previously printed chart sheets with SpectroProofer sometimes failed, unless the printer had paper width detection disabled 

FIXED Due to color management changes in Mac OS X 10.8 (possibly also 10.7) preview colors were incorrect.
FIXED Very large mirrored borders could lead to crash and aborted print near the end.
FIXED "Spooling failed" errors under Windows Vista and later, when using Mirage Print after it had crashed.
FIXED When Photoshop CS5 or later crashed on a 64-bit Mac while Mirage was running, the dialog would not close on its own.
ADDED PDF/X-4 conforming PDF documents are now accepted for proof.
ADDED Advanced media setting "Head Movement" for SC-Sx0600 printers. 

Fixed a bug when printing large image files using the "Mirage Print" application. This could cause parts of the image to appear in the wrong location.
It is now possible to disable some tiles of a tiled image.
The document list now shows the tile ID for tiled images.
Added support for Epson SC-T7000/5000/3000 printers.
Added support for Epson SC-S70600/S50600 printers. 

FIXED Installation support for Photoshop Elements 11
FIXED Photoshop plugin opened the print dialog even when no suitable documents were present FIXED InDesign didn't spool tiles correctly with extremely high scale factors. We now limit that scale factor and use the resolution warning to notify the user about it
FIXED some small changes in the Czech translation
REMOVED Spyder SR3 from available measurement devices 

ADDED Czech language support 

FIXED Mirrored borders were not shown correctly for cropped images in the preview, printing was not affected.
FIXED when using "Duplicate Medium" with an original medium in the custom media panel, the ICC 

files were not made available for the new media type.
FIXED Random InDesign crashes during or after opening the Mirage dialog. Especially version CS5.5 was affected.
FIXED When going back in the profile creation wizard, changing the printer, then going forward without further changes, resulted in a wrong measurement chart size.
FIXED Preferences sometimes became corrupted and prevented Mirage from launching.
FIXED In rare cases the "Quality" menu was empty until printer or media type was changed. CHANGED Media groups are now listed at the top, before single media types entries, both in the custom media list and the media type menu.
FIXED Bleed wasn't calculated correctly for PDFs that contained rotated pages. 

•FIXED Photoshop crashed on Windows, when a new document that had never been saved to disk, was opened with Mirage
•FIXED In rare cases when an image was rotated 270 degrees and overlapped the page, wrong spooling caused the Queue Monitor to be stuck very soon after printing started
•CHANGED Stylus Pro 4900 now supports borderless for 17" width on all sources, and on roll also 8" and 11" 

•FIXED There was a problem with getting the document file path in Photoshop under Windows, 

resulting in empty job label print marks
•CHANGED Epson Stylus Photo R2880 and R3000 now use 3mm bottom print margins whenever possible
•FIXED Epson Stylus Photo R2880 front loading top margin was incorrect (3mm instead of 2cm) •CHANGED "13 inch" roll size is now called "13 in / 12.95 in" and has size 12.95 inch 

• ADDED Support for Adobe CS 5.5
• ADDED Images can be cropped by value or interactively within Mirage now
• ADDED Mirage optimize the placement of images and pages for you once you finished your settings • ADDED New checkbox "Print finest details" doubles input resolution (useful for vector formats, like AI, ID, PDF)
• ADDED Support for Hahnemühle Gallerie Wrap stretcher bars
• ADDED A new set of crop marks to the "Print Marks" Area
• ADDED Photo-Black now supported to print to matte media
• ADDED Support for double cut mode
• ADDED One or more custom media can now be exported into a, and re-imported elsewhere
Please download our file “What’s new in Mirage 1.6”. 

• FIXED WT7900 loaded white ink from tanks, even when "No White Ink" was selected for print • FIXED Media packages could not be installed from Zip files on Windows
• FIXED Borderless modes for 9600/7600 printers didn't work properly 

• FIXED Measurement of profile charts could fail when printed to sheet media, unless the measurement step was executed separately from print.
• FIXED In rare occasions, errors during profile chart print/measurement could cause a crash 


• FIXED Mouse scroll wheel works in print dialog settings panels on Mac
• FIXED Paper menus in existing stored settings were not updated without restart after custom media types were added in the settings dialog
• FIXED When updating to Mirage 1.5.x on Mac, 9800/7800/4800 printers did not function correctly unless a clean install instead of an update was performed
• FIXED Very long PDF documents were printed with small parts at top/bottom missing
• FIXED Media size in stored settings was initially not always taken from the current print dialog settings
• FIXED Selecting a predefined standard paper size did not always have an effect
• FIXED Problems with storing/restoring media group configuration on Windows with non-ASCII user folder paths
• FIXED In some situations a fine black line was printed between image and mirrored borders
• FIXED English online help was not English 

• InDesign master spread items were not drawn or printed by Mirage 1.4.0. This has been corrected in this version. Only InDesign users profit from this update. 

• ADDED Completely redone Mirage Queue Monitor, allowing pausing, prioritizing, and previewing jobs
• ADDED Support for parallel printing to multiple printers
• ADDED Support for Photoshop CS5, 32 bit on Mac
• ADDED Support for Photoshop CS5, 32 and 64 bit on Windows
• ADDED Support for InDesign CS5
• ADDED Mirage for Illustrator CS3/CS4/CS5 as part of Mirage Design Edition
• FIXED A long standing issue which could lead to slightly incorrect colors for certain images in InDesign documents
• FIXED Photoshop plugin crashed when opening images with extreme aspect ratios (like 100:1)
• FIXED Colored and mirrored borders were not shown correctly for rotation 0 and 180 in preview • FIXED Spooling failed on Windows if non-ASCII characters were in the queue directory path
• FIXED Mirage Pro profile print and measuring now also works in 64-bit Photoshop version on Windows
Please download our file „What’s new in Mirage 1.4“. 

Please download our file “What’s new in Mirage 1.3”. 

ADDED Support for Epson Stylus Pro 3880/3890, 9700/9710/7700/7710 

FIXED Potential crash of Mirage for Photoshop on Mac OS X, especially with VERY large image files FIXED Automatic creation of ICC profiles could fail on Windows, if the path to the user directory contained non-ASCII characters
FIXED For certain media types the color patches for automatic ICC profile creation were printed in grayscale
FIXED Starting with Mac OS X 10.6, after opening the Mirage Photoshop plugin once, opening Photoshop files by double-click in the Finder, or per drag'n'drop failed until Photoshop was restarted. This is now fixed. 


ADDED Support to print/measure/create profiles using the Stylus Pro 9900/7900 with SpectroProofer. This is a buyable add-on option and is not available for free.
ADDED Mirage now has its own crash handler, and tries to dump the state of crash for analysis and bug fixing.
ADDED advanced media settings like platen gap, paper suction, and others is now possible for custom media
FIXED Printing a grayscale image to an RGB printer using mirrored image borders resulted in very corrupt mirrored borders.
FIXED Printing an InDesign document larger than the available medium caused a distorted print result.
FIXED Prerelease versions wrongly considered older release versions as suitable updates and informed the user about it regularly.
FIXED Tab key did not work in "Advanced" panel of settings dialog.
FIXED Media settings dialog can no longer be quit with "OK" if some data was missing. This caused an exception and crash of Photoshop.
FIXED "Browse" buttons in custom media dialog expanded to fill the entire row height under Windows
FIXED Issues with recognizing a valid license, if it was installed in a file path that contained special characters like umlauts or accents
FIXED Using ICC Profiles with special characters like umlauts in their file path, failed under Windows FIXED The "Mirage Print" menu entry did not show up in the InDesign keyboard shortcut editor CHANGED License status in settings dialog is more detailed now.
CHANGED The license wizard dialog can now be used to install add-on feature licenses without overwriting the main license.
CHANGED Entries to the "Ideal sheet gap" textfield in the settings dialog, are copied directly to the "Minimum sheet gap" textfield, to prevent user errors.
CHANGED Settings dialog now stores its size and position, and restores it next time. 

FIXED The print preview looked obviously wrong in gray print mode with gamma settings other than "Normal". Actual prints were not affected negatively by this issue. 

ADDED Support for Epson Stylus Pro 4000 (Windows only)
ADDED Support for borderless printing
ADDED Page can be placed on the medium by dragging with the mouse. Guidelines labeled with distance to paper edge are drawn during this. The page snaps to special positions on the medium. ADDED It is now possible to change the cropped content region in the page and print preview. ADDED Support to print multiple copies of one Photoshop image. Gaps between the image rows and columns can be controlled in the Settings dialog.
ADDED Photoshop plugin now provides a new cut mode to cut after each row of copies.
ADDED A toggle button in the borders UI, which forces entered values to be made equal for all border fields
ADDED Print dialog now shows a warning icon whenever the image size exceeds the media size ADDED Border styles Empty, Mirrored Image, and Mirrored Image (YouFrame)
ADDED Option to center image on page, even if print margins are asymmetrical
ADDED Complete Chinese localization
ADDED Photo format standard paper sizes to quick select popup menu
ADDED Support for Chinese Epson printer models Stylus Pro 9910/7910, 11880C, 9880C/7880C, 4880C, 3800C
ADDED Job title and other information is sent to the printer
CHANGED Print dialog now starts with 100% custom size, instead of fit to page
CHANGED The left hand size of the print dialog retains its size now even when the advanced pane is 

opened or closed. The dialog window also keeps its width then.
CHANGED Custom media dialog now checks ICC profile color space before accepting the profile, and shows a dialog notifying the user about the wrong color space.
CHANGED Image size exceeding the media size is now supported for Photoshop
CHANGED Page size exceeding the media size is now supported for InDesign except in the case of bleed area, for which we revert to the old behaviour of limiting the page size to the medium size. CHANGED Software update check now recognizes a release version that is newer than a current pre- release version
CHANGED Renamed the previous "Center" option to "Center on printable area"
CHANGED Installing latest Adobe CMM version 1.1 on Windows now
CHANGED When selecting an ICC profile for a custom paper, it is automatically set for all quality modes which don't have a profile assigned yet
CHANGED Enabled microweaving in printer for Epson Stylus Pro 11880, 9900, 7900
CHANGED Improved quality of distributed ICC profiles for printers working in CMYK mode
FIXED License wizard mentioned 10 days trial license, while it's really 14 days
FIXED Print dialog was not be restored to original size, if it was previously exactly as big as the screen FIXED It was possible that calibration bars were placed outside the medium, if rotation was active FIXED Gray mode preview did not show neutral grays, while prints were neutral
FIXED Disabled soft proofing for Profile Creation mode preview
FIXED Disabled soft proofing for Gray mode preview
FIXED Potential crash in print dialog when no printers are available
FIXED Paper sizes US Legal and US Letter were mixed up
FIXED If a printer was unavailable due to lack of license or other issues, it could happen that it would be lost from the preferences
FIXED Mirage is now compatible with Adobe CMM 1.1
FIXED Gray mode print results did not match with the original Epson printer driver's
FIXED Entirely empty print bands caused a print abort 

* FIXED Print marks missing on PowerPC Macs 

FIXED Mac installer did not install profiles with very long names correctly on Mac OS X 10.4. This affected Epson Stylus Pro 4800, Epson Stylus Pro 9800/7800, Epson Stylus Pro 9600/7600 and very few papers for Epson Stylus Pro 11880 and Epson Stylus Pro 9900/7900
FIXED A missing profile would not disable the "Normal" print mode, and could cause a crash of the host application when trying to print 

ADDED Support for Adobe Photoshop CS2 on Mac and Windows
ADDED Support for Adobe Photoshop 7, CS on Windows
ADDED Support for Adobe Photoshop Elements 6 on Mac and Windows ADDED Support for Adobe Photoshop Elements 7 on Windows
ADDED Support for Epson Stylus Photo R2880 for Mirage Master Edition FIXED Issues with installation of Photoshop CS4 plugin on Windows Vista 64bit 

FIXED 4800/7800/9800 printers on Mac were not available
FIXED print preview did not show correct colors when using media with custom profiles 

FIXED windows mirage installer showed an empty line as possible plugin install destination if Photoshop CS3 was previously installed and later uninstalled 

FIXED an issue that could cause image errors when printing centered on sheet media
FIXED Mirage for Windows now checks reliably if the Adobe CMM is installed and warns the user if it isn't CHANGED updated Windows HTMs for printers Epson Stylus Pro 11880/9880/7880/4880/9800/7800/4800/3800 

ADDED Gamma value selection when printing in Gray mode
ADDED support for Stylus Pro 7900/9900 on Mac
ADDED support for Stylus Pro 3800 on Mac with RGB HTMs
ADDED support for InDesign CS4
ADDED language support for French, Italian, Spanish, Simplified Chinese
FIXED print marks did not extend around borders
FIXED Photoshop Bitmap mode images were printed inverse
FIXED Photoshop Gray mode images were sometimes printed with ghost images of themselves overlayed
FIXED additional white borders at the end of a roll print were not "printed"
FIXED switching between sheet sources retains the sheet size even when margins are changing FIXED switching between roll and sheet sources retains the image size
FIXED memory leaks
CHANGED Installer now installs the Adobe CMM
CHANGED Installer is now localized
CHANGED custom media type profiles are now copied to the per-user profiles directory and not the global mirage profiles directory 

First public release, distributed at Photokina. 

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