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X-Rite Digital ColorChecker SG er spesifikt utviklet for å imøtekomme behovene hos digitale fotografer. Digital ColorChecker SG-målet de høyeste kvalitet fargereferansestandarder som er tilgjengelige. Hver av de 140 feltene er plassert for å utvide fargegruppen, slik at du kan opprette profiler som fanger opp alle mulighetene til digitalkameraet og skanneren. 

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Wide Gamut ColorChecker for Cameras and Scanners

Specifically designed to meet the needs of digital photographers, the Digital ColorChecker SG target includes the highest quality color reference standards available. Each of the 140 patches was chosen for its location in color space to expand the color gamut, so you can create profiles that capture the full capabilities of your digital camera and scanner.

The ColorChecker Digital SG target includes the colors from the standard ColorChecker target, many of which represent natural objects, such as human skin tone, foliage and blue sky. Additional skin-tone reference colors deliver greater accuracy and consistency over a wide variety of skin tones, and gray scale steps provide accurate control of camera balance to maintain a neutral aspect, regardless of light source. Digital ColorChecker SG can also be used to create white balance with your digital camera to guarantee precise, uniform, neutral white under any lighting condition.


  • Array of 140 colors: 24 patches from the original ColorChecker, 17-step gray scale and 14 unique skin tone colors.
  • Each square reflects light the same way as its real-life counterpart in all parts of the visible spectrum, under any illumination, and with any color reproduction process.
  • Create a white balance with your digital camera to guarantee precise, uniform, neutral white under any lighting condition.
  • Pair with i1Profiler scanner profiling software (sold separately) to create a custom ICC profile of your scanner.

ColorChecker Digital SG provides the same great value as the ColorChecker Classic to compare digital reproductions to real life scenes or product shots. The ColorChecker Digital SG takes a step beyond the traditional ColorChecker by representing a larger gamut and providing greater refinement of image color reproduction. This makes it the perfect fit for working within a color-managed workflow. Simply include ColorChecker Digital SG in your first photo if you’re shooting JPEG or traditional, or any photo in the series if you’re shooting Raw. This objective standard will help you avoid costly mistakes and trial-and-error color correction after the fact.

Compatible with Hasselblad Phocus for camera calibration.




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