Eizo ColorEdge

EIZO produces highly specialised monitor solutions for amateur photographersprofessional photographerscreative designprinting sectorpost production, and virtual reality

True colour graphics monitors for beginners and professionals

Regardless of whether you are editing photos in your spare time or creating printing templates as a profession – a conventional office monitor will only be able to help you with image editing to a limited extent. The ColorEdge models from EIZO, however, were specially developed for "photography, design, and media". Their reliable colour rendering will mean they meet the high demands of all those who work with photos, films, and graphics. 

Alongside their extraordinary image quality, ColorEdge LCDs boast numerous practical functions, as well as professional software, which effectively simplify work processes. Discover the world of EIZO colour management monitors and find the model that is tailored perfectly to your needs.

Exact colour rendering for shooting results that are true-to-original

Professional photographers need monitors with exact colour rendering and a wide gamut. EIZO's image editing monitors should, therefore, not be missing from any professional photo studio.

Regardless of what the focus of your photos is, as a professional you always have to blindly rely on the fact that the colour rendering on the monitor meets the open image file exactly. For only if your monitor's display and the image file match 100% can the end product also meet your expectations. And it will do so regardless of whether you are having your images printed, using them online, or handing them over to your client for further editing.

Only a correctly calibrated image editing monitor with finely graded colour tones can offer photographers the accurate, colour-proof display of your photos. To do so, the colour space (gamut) of your monitor must be as wide as possible. It is also particularly important that the device performs the calibration and correction processes independently.

What professional photographers need:

  1. Wide gamut 
  2. Absolute colour fidelity thanks to precise colour display 
  3. Reproducible photo rendering
  4. Automatic calibration and correction
  5. Simple, speedy, and seamlessly linked workflows